Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Because I need one more thing to do.

For the past two (three?) years, I've started the year with a crazy, lofty goal of completing a 365 Project.  One of those beautiful photography journeys where you document each day with one (at least) photo.  I've always followed prompts, giving me the theme for the week.  The longest I've made it was until March.  Then I get overwhelmed after being backlogged for 3 days and completely give up.

So here it is, 2013, and guess what?  I'm going to try again!  Why not right?  This year, though, I don't plan on following any prompts or themes- no scrambling at 10:30pm each night to capture some kind of obscure theme such as "Windblown" or "Primal".  I'm doing it my way, on my terms, and I plan on enjoying it, documenting my family and having a lot of fun.  Maybe I'll even learn a thing or two along the way.

While I will probably only post a set weekly, rather than trying to blog daily, here is my image for Day One (and yes, I totally took it yesterday with the full intention of using it for today... cheating right from the start)!

We took the kiddies to the snow for the first time at Mount Baldy- it was such a beautiful day!  Did we have legit "snow" clothes?  Not even close.  Did my oldest totally get car sick on the way up and *almost* on the way down?  Yeah, she did.  Aside from imperfections, it was a really great day!

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  1. I am writing a post about this right now! Lol! This will be my second year attempting a project 365. Let's hope this is the year we're both successful! I look forward to following your blog. :-)