Thursday, May 10, 2012

Joy in this place.

“Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing. My soul probably looks like Fred Astaire.” - Jarod Kintz

Color me cheesy- I was searching for a quote about laughter for our little coffee table memory book, and stumbled on this one. As a family who enjoys an evening dance party before bedtime, this just spoke perfectly to what our home is like! Though I am partial to Gene Kelly over Fred Astaire... just a personal preference. I mean, have you seen Singin' in the Rain, my favorite movie of all time? But I digress...

I, like any wife and mom, think that the people in my home have the best laughs ever. When Matt gets to laughing, it is completely impossible for me not to laugh. Even if I don't want to laugh; even if I should be mad... if he is laughing his real deal laugh then I'm done. I cannot not laugh, too. It's kind of the same situation when the littles laugh. There are times when I really should keep a straight face to make a point to my kids... but they're so darn funny!  Here's a good example for you.  With all of the kids, I take a photo of them starting at one month old, each month, with the same stuffed animal to show their growth until their first birthday.  So for Kennedy's first month pic, I got her all situated on the couch with her kitty Bla-Bla doll and had Will at my side to grab some quick snaps.  Kate and Matt had gone to the baseball game, so it was just the little kids and I.

Adorable, right?  Of course.  As I'm behind my camera, snapping away (because you always have to take about 23 shots to ensure you have the right one...), I notice a blaring red irregularity on my dining room table.

Trouble maker, indeed.  I've never seen him climb on the dining room table, so that was a fun first.  I suppose at this point, a good mommy would calmly, but swiftly get up and move toward their son, who may be in peril.  This mommy's reaction?  Laugh, then capture memory in a photo.  Then hustle over to the table to retrieve trouble-maker son.  This is just reality in our house.  Fortunately, he was very intrigued by my lens cap and wasn't squirrling around up there.  Unfortunately, he now knows how to get back up there to get at the things he is interested in.  Ah well.

If you could hear the sound of my childrens' laughs, I'm fairly confident that you'd agree: they have the best laughs ever.  When Kate really gets going, it brings me to tears of laughter... she has this super genuine belly laugh that exudes joy.  Not just happiness: joy.  Will, though he is not quite two, has a very boyish laugh.  It's raspy and hearty... and I cannot help but think that maybe he'll be one of those guys whose laughter is so sincere that he actually slaps his knee or, Lord help me, bangs his fist on the table in a fit of laughter, just like my great Uncle Lou used to do (which used to embarrass me greatly, but I have grown to admire for some strange reason).  Obviously, I cannot wait to hear Kennedy's sweet laugh in the months to come... easily one of my favorite milestones in the first year!

While I am enjoying this little blog update, there is another lovely sound coming from upstairs- that mellow, little newborn cry.  Well, heading toward not-so-mellow actually.  I realized I never posted about Easter... so I'll add those next when the children are nestled all snug in their beds.  Someday.


  1. Human dust cloth? I'm just sayin'.

    1. I'll soon be attaching swiffer cloths to all his clothes.