Friday, May 4, 2012

Monthly moments and memories: April.

At a point with Kate, I remembered to write down a list of tiny little things that I want to remember forever at a certain point in her life.  Things that seem so fleeting.  It's probably something I should do at least monthly, so here goes with a few moments and memories from the last month:

- Will's 4pm meltdowns... exhausting, yes, but slightly hilarious?  Definitely.
- The little "surprised" face Kennedy makes; funny every time.
- How quiet newborn cries are.
- How not quiet toddler cries are.
- The smell of Pampers Swaddlers (clean ones, thank you very much).
- Kate wrapping her hair around her hand and singing the healing song from Tangled.
- Dress up.
- Kennedy trying to latch on to Will's cheek mid hug and leaving a red mark (Will's first hickey?)
- Will's chubby feet.
- Kate learning to read so many words!
- Hearing Kate's favorite and least favorite moments from her day.

That last one is something I've started with her.  Every night we read a book before bed, then I ask her to tell me her favorite thing from the day, then her least favorite thing.  I recently read an article about listening to your kids and really focusing on what they say, then responding to them in a way that they know you're listening.  The article really resonated with me- if they know, from a very young age, that mommy and daddy really listen, that builds up a knowledge that they can be heard and can count on their parents to listen when they need someone to talk to.  And I really love hearing her answers!  More often than not, her "favorite thing" is something ridiculously sweet, like "spending time with my family" or "right now talking with you".  Are you kidding me!?  Her least favorite thing rarely gets an answer... she usually says something to the effect of "Nothing... I had a good day."  This makes me happy as a mommy for two reasons: 1) the times that I have to put her in time out or run out of patience don't seem to be scarring her for life and 2) my girl is very content with what she has.  I know every parent believes that their child will do big things, but I'm so confident that Kate has such a caring, sweet spirit, and an outgoing personality... she is going to be a big deal.  Just saying.

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