Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Funny Faith Story

I just wrote down my little story for our church's daily Lenten devotional, so I thought I'd share it here, too, because it is one of my favorite moments from my past.  Enjoy!


Throughout my journey as a child of God, I cannot say that there has been one, specific stand-out moment where I suddenly saw God become more than just a word.  Actually, there have been many, many instances where I've experienced our living God; speaking, acting and working in my life to remind me that He stands by me in every moment of my life.  Sometimes, they were quite moments studying His word.  Sometimes, He revealed His love to me through the comfort of a friend or family member at just the right time.

There was one moment, though, when God spoke to me in a way I never saw coming.  During college, I spent three summers working on a Christian houseboat camp on Lake Shasta called Sonshine Ministries.  I spent my summer months on the water with junior high and high school students, playing in the water, hanging out in the sunshine, ministering to the youth and worshipping our amazing God.  Every Friday morning, we would spend 3-hours in quiet time at a local park.  Just you, your Bible, something to write with.  That is it.  Sounds refreshing, right?  Well, to be honest, after a full week of water, sun early mornings and late nights, it sometimes became a time of serious temptation to lay down in the grass and sneak a nap.  

After one particularly long week, I found myself a shady spot beneath a tree.  I spread out my towel, laid down on my stomach with my Bible in front of me and began to read.  Within 30 minutes, my eyelids felt like lead curtains.  If you've felt that feeling before, you know exactly what I mean!  I can remember trying to justify my nap by thinking, "Hey, it's ok to fall asleep in the arms of Jesus, right?!"  So, I decided to open my Bible to a random spot, put my sunglasses on and pretend like I was deep into my study.  I was ready.  Ready to close my eyes- just for a little bit.  I flipped open my study Bible, without thought, and as I began to lay my head down, my eyes fell upon a verse that I will never forget.  

"Allow no sleep to your eyes, no slumber to your eyelids." Proverbs 6:4

I shot up from my seat so fast it could've made your head spin!  And then I did what I think God was doing at that moment, too- I laughed my heart out!  It was an unreal moment for me.  God, the Father of all creation, the beginning and the end… He was speaking to me!  Calling me to be present with Him in that moment.  Reminding me that He knows me, that He hears me and that He wants to be with me.  God spoke to me.

Now, as a mother of three small children, I wish I had three hours on a Friday morning to spend in the sunshine with God and His word.  But even during this busy season, God still finds His ways to speak His promises to me.  What an amazing God!


  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. It is easy to get caught up in busy schedules but it truly is amazing how God speaks to us in those moments!

  2. Love this! "Falling asleep in the arms of Jesus.." Sounds cozy! I pray you'll have a random, shady-spotted Friday morning - with no distractions - very soon! :)